Why to visit Novi Pazar?

Do you know which is the ideal place for vacation, shopping, enjoying nature, food and drink for you in the Balkan and Serbia?

Novi Pazar is the perfect vacation spot for you It is located 20 minutes from the Golije and Pešter nature reserve. In 1 hour you are on the enchanting meanders of Uvac, and in just 40 minutes you are on Kopaonik. You are 15 minutes away from the historical UNESCO monuments of Nemanjić, known throughout the world.

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Novi Pazar is an exceptional place to rest if you are going to the sea in Montenegro or you are making a Balkan adventure.

Do you love Balkan and Serbia?

Novi Pazar is the centre of the Balkan and it is the cradle where the Republic of Serbia was born. It was here that the Nemanjićs founded the Serbian medieval state, on the basis of which the present-day republic exists.

The oldest church in Serbia and the first UNESCO site – St. Peter’s Church is 10 minutes from the center. This church is the place where Stefan Nemanja was baptized, married, and where he handed over power to his son, the first Serbian king. Rastko Nemanjić – Sveti Sava also lived near Novi Pazar.

15 minutes from the center is another UNESCO site – the Đurđevi stupovi monastery, which is more than 800 years old. There is also the Sopoćani monastery, whose fresco painting is known all over the world.

Love nature and advanture?

We are only 1 hour drive from the most iconic natural site in Serbia, advertised all over the world – the Meanders of Heaven – Uvac. We can take you there!

Love good food?

You will immediately lose the kindness of people at every turn, as if you have lived there for years. Calories are not counted in Pazar. Indulge in the delights of mantles, kebabs, roasts, cream and cheese.

Love a good shopping adventure?

Novi Pazar has been the center of trade since its foundation. Pazar-Bazar, and it used to have the name trading house. All this means that in Novi Pazar you can buy affordable clothes and shoes. You don’t have farm shoes and pajamas from Novi Pazar?

Do you like the experience of the Orient?

Feel the traces of Istanbul in the narrow streets of the old bazaar. Visit the city fortress and the symbol of the city, the watch tower. Have a coffee in the old hammam from the 15th century.

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