Oriental Old Town Tour

Experiencing the oriental spirit of the town

City Fortress

Watch Tower

Altun Alem Mosque

Old Turkish Bath

Feel the traces of Istanbul, Baghdad, Islam and the Orient in the narrow streets of the old bazaar. May the kindness of the people of Novopazar make you smile and warm your heart. Visit the city fortress and the symbol of the city, the Motrilja Watch tower. Drink a coffee in a hammam that is almost six centuries old.

Tourists from all over the world especially like this tour because they have the opportunity to establish contact with unique Islamic heritage in Europe. They have the opportunity to visit the Islamic place of worship, the Bosniak room and to ask everything they want about Bosniak culture and Islam, which is unfortunately denigrated and demonized under the influence of fake news and media.

We meet at the Sebilj or fountain in the famous oriental edition. Water occupies a very important place in Islam as in Novi Pazar, it symbolizes the change and cleaning – as may you feel at the end of the tour.

We continue with the tour of Amir-aga’s han. You will see what a medieval Turkish hostel for merchants looks like.
Further on, we pass through the square of Isa-bey Isaković, the founder of Novi Pazar more than 550 years ago. From there, there is an incredible view of the Wall – the symbol of the city, i.e. part of the fortress where the city library is located. With a story about the history of Novi Pazar in the Ottoman Empire, we enter the city park in the fortress. You will see the Motrilja Watch tower, which has been watching over the city for more than two centuries. In addition, it is found on the coat of arms of the city of Novi Pazar.
From the city, we make our way through the narrow streets to the Altun-alem mosque. There you will hear the touching story of Altuna, the ravishing daughter of the bey, whose life is closely connected with this mosque. You will have the opportunity to enter the mosque, where the guide will tell you about Islam.
After touching the east, we continue towards the sixteenth-century hammam, or bathhouse, which is awaiting restoration. Until that is done in the hammam you can drink coffee in an atmosphere like nowhere else in the world.
After a break, we will go to the city museum, where you will have the opportunity to take a look at the traditional settings of the rooms – Bosniak and Serbian. In doing so, you will witness the differences and similarities of these two traditions.


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