Why Novi Pazar?

Check the uniqueness of Novi Pazar:

4 UNESCO sites in 1 city?

Such a cosy and tiny city, such a cultural giant Novi Pazar is. You will not find one but 4 UNESCO Cultural Heritage sites at 1 place. Novi Pazar is a un commercialized cultural and historical treasure.

Feel alive, Fulfil yourself!

It is high time to escape from boring daily life and join an everlasting adventure of your life. Novi Pazar will recharge your life. Discover yourself here! Achieve your full potentials and feel the freedom.

Achieve Nature, be Nature!

The nature around Novi Pazar will take your breath away. It is incredibly beautiful, strong and fierce just as you are. Climb, run, jump, fly! There are several mountains, fresh and hot springs and rivers, endless pastures that will surge life in your veins.

The whole Balkans in one cosy City!

The East and West, Istanbul and Moscow in one – Novi Pazar is a melody of the Orient played on a western instrument. Drink bitter Turkish coffee, feel the taste of traditional cuisines chevapi and mantije.

Right there in the Middle of the Balkans!

It is close to all other big cities in the Balkans. You can get there easily. It is around four hours car drive away from Belgrade or Sarajevo. It is two hours away from Pristina and three from Podgorica.

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