Where to park in Novi Pazar?

Are you visiting Novi Pazar? Are you staying here for visiting cultural and natural beauties? Here we will show you the best places to park your car.

Cars in a parking lot in the evening light of the sun

Insufficient number of parking places in the city.

There are too many cars, and insufficient parking spaces. It is difficult to find a parking place. If you are new in the city it can be very frustrating. Have a look at the parking places we selected for you.

I am going to the shopping market where should I park?

There is a good parking near the city market. See on the map. It is near the market so you can leave all the things you buy easily. If you are buying jeans in the upper part of the market, there are a lot of free parking spaces there.

I am going inside the city centre, where should I park?

The first rule is: book an apartment with a parking space. They are rare. We suggest Ecco apartments (see here).

There is a big parking space near the hotel Vrbak. See on the map. It is near all the places in the city centre.

If you do not find free spaces there, you will find it in the city centre. See on the map. It is located near the shop on the map.

If you do not find a free place there ask locals to direct you.

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