Where to eat the best food in Novi Pazar

In this blog, we write about the best places to eatin Novi Pazar and its surroundings. Someone will say that Novi Pazar is known only for kebabs and mantles, but that’s not all…there are baking, fish specialties, sweets and modern dishes.


See how to order mantije na ovom linku.

Places: Sve pod sač – in the old bazaar, Mama Mantije – in the city center, Mantije Big and Agušević – on the highway.


You can see how to order cevapi on this link.

Places: Beko, Sadrvan, Rile.

Roasted Meat

Location: in the old bazaar

We especially recommend the village of Duga Poljana on the way to Sjenica as a place in the world known for the most delicious roasted meat.

Fish specialties

Be sure to try fish and chips.

A place near the Raška River: Plava Laguna.


We highlight ice cream, dudovi and baklava

Places: Patisserie Old Bazaar, Solun and my favorite Desert.

Modern restaurants

I like Italian specialties, ie. pasta and pizza.

Dunja, Doha, Med