Usual Tourist Challenges in Novi Pazar

Main challenges in Novi Pazar for tourists are:

  • Terrible traffic,
  • Terrible traffic signalization,
  • Incufficient parking places.
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Terrible traffic

Our goal is to prepare you for some challenges in traffic. You will be less stressed and enjoy the adventure more. Novi Pazar is a wonderful and cosy city. However, the city fathers did not think a lot about the streets and traffic. That may be part of our culture.

Terrible traffic is chaotical driving and pedestrian habits.

If you are driving – the main rule is to look other drivers in the eyes. Do not look for the light signals on their cars. Be calm and drive slowly. There are too many cars everywhere. The drivers are usually arrogant. The pedestrians cross the streets everywhere they can. There is also a lot of walking on the driveway.

If you are walking – do not expect the driver to stop at the zebra crossing. Be careful and look at the driver in the eyes.

Terrible signalization

Do not rely on the signalization as you are used to in your countries. In Novi Pazar you ask people. They are very friendly and polite, and will always help you. Signalization is almost non-existent. You will probably not see it because of the shop lights.

Look how to get around in Novi Pazar.

Insufficient parking spaces

There are too many cars in the town and too little parking spaces. If you find it, good for you. It will be even more difficult to park the car. Stick to the parking in the city centre or just leave it at the place you are staying (see Ecco apartments).

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