Witness the historical and cultural heritage Serbia gave to the whole human civilization.

There are 6 UNESCO sites near the city.  4 UNESCO sites really near Novi Pazar: St. Peter’s and Paul’s Church, Monastery of Đurđevi Stupovi, Monastery of Sopoćani and Old town Ras. There are 2 more on one and two hours drive from Novi Pazar: Monastery of Studenica and Monastery of Žiča.

St. Peter’s and Paul’s church

St. Peter’s and Paul’s church is not just a simple and cute church on the top of the hill. This small stone basilica is the oldest intact church in Serbia.It dates from the 9th century ...

Đurđevi Stupovi

Đurđevi stupovi is a monastery important for its architectural uniqueness. It was built at the end of 12th century by the founder of Serbian state Stefan Nemanja. Its architecture represents the synthesis between the East and West.


Sopoćani is one of the most beautiful monasteries in the world, along with Studenica monastery. The construction style, the peace and piety it reflects is going to change your heart and mind.

Old city Ras

Although the birthplace of Serbian state. Old city Ras is a place full of mysteries. The complex of the old town Ras consists of 3 locations: hilltop fortress of Gradina, cave with monastery St. Archangel under the fortress...

Studenica Monastery

Studenica monastery is one of the most beautiful monasteries you will ever encounter. It is not just due to its incredible fresco paintings, but also its unique architectural style which merges the East and West.

Žica Monastery

The impressive monastery is a national symbol and a place that is often talked about and will leave you speechless. Žica Monastery was a place of coronation of seven Serbian kings...

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