Meanders of Heaven – Uvac

One of the most famous sights in the Balkan and Serbia

Boat drive

Molitva Sightseeing Point

Drive to Sjenica

It is an understatement to say that the natural beauty of this part of Serbia is incredible. The meanders of the Uvac River are one of the places in Serbia that you must visit. There is a huge interest in this tour, not only from domestic but also from foreign tourists.

This journey begins with passing through the most beautiful parts of the surroundings of Novi Pazar. It is about the Pešter plateau. You will feel as if you are not in Serbia but in Mongolia or Canada. You will not be able to stop enjoying the landscapes of the Caves.

Bring a hoodie, comfortable walking shoes, water and spare clothes.

We leave Novi Pazar in the morning. After 40 minutes of unforgettable driving, we take a break at the Borovi hotel in Sjenica, where we are greeted by a local guide who organizes the boats.

It’s time for an unforgettable adventure of water, air and ice!

We go to the place to board the ships and leave. You will feel an incredible combination of the scent of grass, forest and wind that brings freshness from the nearby mountains mixed with moisture and drops of water. Look up at the endless sky cut by griffon vultures, whose wingspan is half the length of the ship you are riding on. Look left and right, you will see rocks where these magnificent birds often rest. It is easy to think that such a sight is ordinary, but it is not.

These are the sights that great world travelers and great countries in the world are proud of. This time you are a traveler who understands the greatness and beauty of Serbia.

(sometimes it is not allowed to enter the cave, pls ask the organizer)
We stop and take the equipment to enter the cave. Don’t forget to bring a hoodie or jacket because the temperature inside the cave is around 15 degrees, regardless of the temperature outside. As soon as you approach it, you will feel the cold breath of the earth and hear the mystical corridors we enter. The cave is rightly called the Ice Cave because of the cave jewelry found in it, which looks like petrified ice. You’ll think you’re entering some hidden underground realm of the dwarves when you walk through the cavernous corridors and halls.

At the exit, you will be greeted by the smiling face of the boatman who will take you back to the place of departure.
There is also an option for those who are more valuable and physically ready to hike to the Molitva lookout, which offers a view of the meanders that will remain in your hearts forever. The climb is steep, so it is not recommended for the elderly and those with heart problems. We advise you to bring spare clothes, because you will surely sweat and the wind is always blowing at the viewpoint.
Afterwards, we recommend lunch at the Borovi Hotel.


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