Throughout this tour you will visit following UNESCO sites: st. Peter’s Church, Đurđevi Stupovi Monastery, Sopoćani Monastery and the remnants of old town Ras.

  • You will experience the greatness and beauty of the clash of the East and West.
  • You will be taken away by the world-famous fresco painting of Sopoćani Monastery.
  • You will witness the beginnings of Serbian medieval history.
  • You will experience the clash of civilizations embodied in the unique architecture of the monasteries.

*possible visit to Studenica and Žiča monastery

Witness the historical and cultural heritage Serbia gave to the whole human civilization.

There are 6 UNESCO sites near the city.  4 UNESCO sites really near Novi Pazar: St. Peter’s and Paul’s Church, Monastery of Đurđevi Stupovi, Monastery of Sopoćani and Old town Ras. There are 2 more on one and two hours drive from Novi Pazar: Monastery of Studenica and Monastery of Žiča.

St. Peter’s and Paul’s church is not just a simple and cute church on the top of the hill. This small stone basilica is the oldest intact church in Serbia. It dates from the 9th century (according to the oldest written sources) but with 6th-century foundations. There are even elements of previous pre-Christian temples inside the church. Archaeologists found a Greco-Illyrian grave with jewellery beneath the church dating back to 5-6. century BC. This is the birthplace of Serbian Medieval state and contemporary Republic. The founder of the leading Nemanjić dynasty was baptised here.


Đurđevi stupovi is a monastery important for its architectural uniqueness. It was built at the end of 12th century by the founder of Serbian state Stefan Nemanja. Its architecture represents the synthesis between the East and West. The two towers at the front give it the look of a Catholic church. However, the fresco paintings provide the Byzantine influence. It represents a special and unique school of architecture called Raška school of architecture. Its high location provides a magnificent view on the surroundings.

Sopoćani is one of the most beautiful monasteries in the world, along with Studenica monastery. The construction style, the peace and piety it reflects is going to change your heart and mind. It belongs to the same and unique Serbian school of architecture. The fresco paintings are just incredible. They are very rich in colour. It is said that the 1 kg of the blue colour used here was worth more than 1 kg of gold. Witness the beauty that lasts for more than 7 centuries. Stop and hear the silence of the nature and your heart. Let this magnificent and simple monastery change your life

Although the birthplace of Serbian state. Old city Ras is a place full of mysteries. The complex of the old town Ras consists of 3 locations: hilltop fortress of Gradina, cave with monastery St. Archangel under the fortress and and the lower town of Trgovište with the church from the around 12. century. The combination of historical, cultural, artistic and natural values will embrace your knowledge and personality and change it forever. Together, they will represent a unique contribution of the Serbian nation to your experience, existence and knowledge.

Studenica monastery is one of the most beautiful monasteries you will ever encounter. It is not just due to its incredible fresco paintings, but also its unique architectural style which merges the East and West. The Maiden’s Church made of elegant and snow-white marble will take your breath away. Look at the decorations on the windows and just step inside. There is another more magnificent world inside. The saints on the frescoes look like they were painted yesterday just for you. Just feel the piety and peace while your steps echo though the walls – the same walls that echoed under the steps of Serbian kings.

The impressive monastery is a national symbol and a place that is often talked about and will leave you speechless. Žica Monastery was a place of coronation of seven Serbian kings, and one of the oldest witnesses of the medieval Serbian kingdom, the glory and pride of its people. This true Orthodox sanctuary remains an 800 years old symbol of inspiration and faith for the Serbian people, an important stop on the Orthodox pilgrimage map and a great spot for you to learn about Serbian tradition and history.


9h  – start of the program  
               Sopocani monastery (ticket not included)  
               Đurđevi stupovi (the Trucks of St. George)  
               St. Peter’s Church (ticket not included)  
UNESCO tour (transport included) 50€
The trip to the monastery Studenica 60€

The trip to the monastery Žiča


The trip to the both monasteries Studenica and Žiča 90€
All inclusive monasteries and churches: St. Peter’s Church,monasteries :Đurđevi stupovi, Sopocani, Studenica and Žiča 110€


Thorough this tour we take you to the highlights of the old town of Novi Pazar: Amir-agin Han, city fortress, Altun-alem mosque and Turkish hammam. You will experience the amazing elements of Islamic and Ottoman history

  • You will learn about yourself in reflection to different culture.
  • You will experience Islam by entering the mosque.
  • You will encounter different cultural values.
  • You will have a chance to speak with vail covered ladies and true European Muslims.
  • You will enjoy the taste of the best Turkish coffee in the city.

Come, hear the echoes of the muezzin’s call for prayer 5 times per day for 550 years in the old town of Novi Pazar. Be part of the oriental hustle, be part of the East and Islamic elements of Novi Pazar. Feel the different smells of traditional food, hear the people yelling and laughing, let your mind wonder to the East to Istanbul, to Baghdad, to Mecca where it all came from. Relax and enjoy something different, let the orient give birth to your new self, to you unknown.

Can you hear the water flowing? Do you breathe the steam and humidity of the 5 centuries old bath? No, that’s just the imagination images you produce while enjoying a coffee in a hammam restaurant. There was once a Turkish bath, waiting for its restauration. It is an excellent way to escape the hustle of the old town.

Are you tired of shopping, all the food and remnants of history. Go, hide and have your heaven in the old city fortress. Once a place for soldier to fight, now a place for you to rest. It is a symbol of the town. There is a watchtower and famous fortress part Bedem. There should be the youth with guitars and restless minds. Talk to them! Enjoy the beauty of the library too and feel the spirits of the past!

Altun-alem mosque is a famous beauty of Novi Pazar. With the beautiful simplicity and high-thin minaret pointing to the sky, Altun-alem with take your breath away. Have freedom to go inside the mosque garden. Do not stop there, go inside the mosque. Feel the piety and peacefulness of prayers these old walls have been witnessing for centuries.

Arab mosque is a symbol of the old town. It is right there at the entrance to the old town. With its unique design and fatty minaret it greets the visitors for centuries, saying Es-selamu aleykum. There are a lot of goldsmith shops around it, do not spare your money there.

Lejlek mosque is the oldest mosque in Serbia, and one of the oldest on the Balkans. There is a story that the sultan himself prayed in this mosque. It is a perfect example of city mosque, as it is placed right in the city entre. It got its name after larks (Turkish: leylek), which made nests on the minaret.


12h – CITY and FOOD TOUR  
City Tour       
12h – the start of the city tour     
12h           visiting the Amiragin Han, city fortress and park, one of the oldest mosques Altun alem  
13:30       city museum (ticket not included)  
14:30        (traditional Novi Pazar Cevapi and Mantije, not included in the price)  
15:15         coffee (the best coffee or tea in the region in a traditional café)(included in the price) — 16h – the end of the tour  


Though this tour we take you to the meanders of the river Uvac, Ice cave and famous sightseeing point Molitva (see more here).

  • You will reach the maximum of your inner self though incredible nature.
  • You will have an amazing and romantic boat ride though the Kenyon of the river Uvac.
  • You will have amazing hiking session from the river to the famous sightseeing point.
  • You will experience the depth of the earth (and your personality) visiting the cave.
  • You will discover and enjoy the beauty of the nature and yourself.

*possible arrangements for hiking on the Pester plateau, Golija and Rogozna mountain.

Serbia’s Grand Kenyon

When you see the meanders of the River Uvac you will think: “This is the place where Adam and Ever were cast from Heaven – another Heaven on the Earth”. A speck of eternal beauty is just right there on 1-hour drive from Novi Pazar. An amazing greenish serpent of water penetrating though the woods and rough ground. From the Ice cave, across the water to the top -reach the place where rare big birds hover above your head. Achieve the maximum of your life. You will be on the top of your life!

Balkan’s Tibet

The undervalued Pešter plateau in Serbia is an amazing hidden jewel of nature and culture on the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Meet the local shepherds. Cuddle cows, sheep and ride horses. Eat organic and fresh food. This is totally unique place that will take a special part in your heart and mind. Learn from the nature there. Let that nature unlock your full potential and return home full of energy. Let Balkan’s Tibet recharge your batteries.

Peaks of Wilderness (optional)

Put your hiking shoes on, take a deep breath and get ready for an incredible mountain of Golija and Rogozna. Unknown even to the city inhabitants, these mountains will give you an adventure of your life. Explore the wilderness, find your wild nature and freedom there! There will be wild animals, but do not be afraid. Climb up to the top, experience and witness great wonders of the earth and sky – of your own personality.

Balkan’s Alps (optional)

Have you heard about the Kopaonik mountain? It is the perfect place for skying and luxury adventure. The best hotels will provide you the experience of your life. Imagine enjoying delicious food and wine in a warm room in front of fire. Imagine watching snowflakes slowly falling after a good skying session. Imagine yourself in the best suit waiting for a crazy party in the night. That’s Kopaonik!


9h  – start of the program  
10:30h – boat boarding  
11h – start of the cruise  
16h – end of the program (optional lunch)  
18h – return to Novi Pazar  



UVAC MEANDERS CRUISE and ICE CAVE EXPLORATION 120€ (boat and cave tickets included)