The underwear is something that you must buy when you come to Novi Pazar. The quality is well known in the whole Balkans.

The Manufacturing of the Best Quality 

The reason why people come to Pazar, most usually, is because of the thing it is known for in Serbia and out, and it is because of the quality of the products you can find here. In Novi Pazar there is a huge number of works and is the place for numerous traders who are making a decision to root themselves there, and, on the other hand, it is the place for a great number of local manufacturers. Novi Pazar is the definition of “buy locally” and it refers to underwear as well. It is a very well-known fact that special attention is oriented toward the textile industry, and therefore, it is easy to explain why a lot of manufacturers are doing this within this industry. 

From Import and Domestic 

People from Novi Pazar always make efforts to include diversity in their offers, and because of that, there is a huge number of people who besides their domestic manufacturers, there are the ones who are getting foreign products as well. On the other hand, there is also manufacturing of products that have huge demand, but their production is still impossible currently. As the majority of manufacturers are dealing with cotton underwear production, while the demand for some other pieces and fabrics is high, the manufacturers, mainly, get them from abroad until they create conditions to produce them on their own. In addition, when it comes to underwear manufacture, Novi Pazar, for years, justifies the highest position on the quality scale, and it is the reason for brands rising such as Mizan. In Pazar, you can find the best quality underwear on the market. You would be stunned by the diversity, quality, and offer, but with prices as well.