Import or not, the qulity is superior.

Domestic Manufacture Is the Best Manufacture 

This is one more advantage of Novi Pazar when compared with other towns and it is that there is produced everything that other towns need to import. This mainly refers to the jeans industry and a huge number of textile shops where every day is tailored and prepared a huge number of models. The products that stand out are the tracksuits. In Novi Pazar, you can find a great number of tracksuit models from domestic manufacturers at very reasonable prices. Speaking of quality, the information that this industry has numerous loyal customers who are re-selling these products all over Serbia is of great significance. 

Is This Original?

When you see one of the tracksuits made in Novi Pazar, the first thing you will ask yourself is “Is this original?” The quality of manufacturing and fabrics used for production are of the highest quality. Tracksuits from Novi Pazar could be found all over the town, but the best ones could be found in Crafts Center and in the textile market during market days. Besides, there is a great number of boutiques where you can find unique tracksuit models for the best prices. Some of the manufacturers have personalized models as well. These models are usually sold in town, on Stevan Nemanja Street, and in the boutiques located in the Old and New Lucna Building. Novi Pazar is the ideal place for shopping indeed.