Domestic manufacturing, world quality. Lowest prices!

Modern Craftsmen 

Pazar craftsmen transformed shoe crafts into art. Although, every day, there are fewer and fewer craftsmen who are dealing with this craft. They are still functioning according to some old principles, masters, and apprentices. In Pazar, you will find a couple of shops where they sell solely their own products, and the majority of them are located in Old Down Town, where you can also find the oldest show master.

Art Made of Leather 

Sometimes, when you put on leather shoes and ask where they are actually from, we recommend you take Novi Pazar into consideration as well. A couple of individual leather manufacturers sell their products over the Serbian border too. If you ask yourself how manufacturers from Novi Pazar became part of the international market, the answer is simple, quality is always the best recommendation. Then, why not buy sneakers and shoes made in Novi Pazar? Just as at the very beginning, every piece intended for shoe production is made and put together by hand. Special attention is paid to the quality and fineness of the leather, so you should need to be sure that the shoes you buy here, from domestic manufacture, will certainly serve you for a long period of time. However, just as in any other job, the difference in quality exists. Hence, our recommendation is to look for domestic sneakers but to choose the ones made exclusively from leather. We claim, with great certainty, that they would justify the epithet of “Pazar Quality”.

Shoes and sneakers made in Pazar could be found on Rifat Burdzevic Street.