“Original” Stuff

Branded or not, quality is there!

Everything is Original 

If nothing, in Novi Pazar, you will get the best “originals”. As you are walking through the market center, you will be caught off guard by the number of luxury brands. The point is that it is almost impossible to find the difference in manufacturing, although you know, on your own, that it is a copy. People from Novi Pazar are very talented people, with very keen eye, so you do not need a lot of time to penetrate in every single detail and add it up to their own manufacturing. Back then, these models were very rare, but, even then, they had a very high level of precision. With popularisation of certain tends, the mass production of the “original” stuff took place. These stuff can be found all over the town. It is important for you to know that it is not just clothing that is offered. The offer goes from jewelary and leather products, to sheets. Although you will be suspicious when it comes to quality, you will be surprised by the level of quality. 

How to Get the “Original”?

Just as we have previously mentioned, “original” stuff could be found all over the town. However, the recommendation is to start with “Zanatski centar” where you can find the greatest number of shops doing with t