The first association with Novi Pazar surely is texas and jeans.

The Valley of Jeans 

There are many famous things is in Novi Pazar. However, the first association with Novi Pazar surely is texas and jeans. It is interesting fact that this craft enabled Novi Pazar to remain in town during the 90s which are at the same time the toughest years for the entire of Serbia. In that period, in Novi Pazar, numerous companies dealing with jeans production were established and they started by making jeans. Today, if you want to point out the jeans’ quality, you would compare it with Novi Pazar. Jeans from Pazar became a significant brand that rose above any other brand. This is the reason why Novi Pazar is called “The Valley of Jeans”. 

Where to Shop For Jeans in Novi Pazar?

It is a very simple question. You can buy them everywhere. However, you should take into consideration that here you can also find imported jeans as well. Hence, if you want to afford jeans from domestic manufacturers, then you should go to the local Craft Center and to the market. There you can find shops of the majority of local tailors. In addition, in the street above the “big market,” there is a huge number of wholesale shops of domestic brands. You would be stunned by the choice and number of models manufactured by local tailors. Besides, you cannot expect mindblowing prices that are typical for brand products. Farmerice from Novi Pazar is of good quality and reasonable process. Due to these facts, a great number of the tradesman from all over Serbia buy jeans here, in Novi Pazar. Besides, you should feel the atmosphere of the market days. At those moments, you would understand why Pazar is pazar “the market”.

Famous Pazar brands are Bross, Stig, Contobene, etc, There are shops you can find on the highway to Raska. It is, in fact, the other side of the textile market.