In other cities, tourists bring back magnets and postcards. From Novi Pazar you bring back cheese and dried meat.

Cheese of Pazar vs Chesse of Sjenica 

Food is one of the main symbols of Novi Pazar. The best part about Pazar is that you know that you can find what you are looking for since everything is produced here. The same goes for domestic products. The cheese of Pazar is something you need to try out and bring with you. Traditionally, the cheese is prepared in wooden vats which significantly influences its taste of it. If you are happy enough to see the stocks of cheese in one of the traditional households in Pester, you will understand what we are talking about. You probably know that the best cheese, in regards to this part of Sancak is associated with Sjenica and the villages surrounding it. People from these areas, ever since always develop special techniques enabling them to make products of the perfect quality. 

It Is Not French Cheese, It Is Much Better 

Even though the cheese you can find in Novi Pazar and Sjenica is much different from the Italian and French cheeses, you need to know that the recipe for cheese production in Pester is significantly different. A lot of time, effort, and skillfulness are needed so that the cheese has a proper taste. For instance, feta stays in vats for a couple of months before it is ready for eating. Since people from Novi Pazar are oriented towards their own products, they invested efforts and are finding ways how to sell them. Hence, domestic cheese and cream can be found in many stores. Across the town, there are specialized shops where you can find meat products and honey from Pester meadows. 

Shops in The Street of the First May and in the old part of the town stand out, as well as in the street of Deda Sehovic.