Touch, feel, smell the Orient in Europe

The Old Town

Come, hear the echoes of the muezzin’s call for prayer 5 times per day for 550 years in the old town of Novi Pazar. Be part of the oriental hustle, be part of the East and Islamic elements of Novi Pazar.


Can you hear the water flowing? Do you breathe the steam and humidity of the 5 centuries old bath? No, that’s just the imagination you produce while enjoying a coffee in a hammam restaurant.

The Old Cty Fortress

Are you tired of shopping, all the food and remnants of history? Go, hide and have your heaven in the old city fortress. Once a place for soldier to fight, now a place for you to rest.

Altun-alem Mosque

Altun-alem mosque is a famous beauty of Novi Pazar. With the beautiful simplicity and high-thin minaret pointing to the sky, Altun-alem with take your breath away.

Arap Mosque

Arab mosque is a symbol of the old town. It is right there at the entrance to the old town. With its unique design and fatty minaret it greets the visitors for centuries, saying Es-selamu aleykum.

Lejlek Mosque

Lejlek mosque is the oldest mosque in Serbia, and one of the oldest on the Balkans. There is a story that the sultan himself prayed in this mosque.

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