On the way to Novi Pazar

How far is Novi Pazar? What to visit on the way to Novi Pazar? Is it worth going? How to book accommodation??

In this blog, I will write suggestions of what to visit and visit on the way to Novi Pazar if you are coming from the direction of Novi Sad, Belgrade and Kragujevac. It is an ideal place to rest if you are going to the sea in Montenegro or Albania. And it also has a lot to offer if you choose this cozy town for your vacation.

As a student I had the opportunity to live in Great Britain, Turkey, Germany. Now I am in Novi Sad and Belgrade.

I am telling you this to convince you that what I am writing is not a romantic story about my hometown, but about a place unique in Serbia and the Balkans. And trust me you won’t regret it when you come!

One who hasn´t tried cevapi and mantije in Novi Pazar, hasn´t lived at all!


Before I write something about the sights of Pazar, let me break the stereotypes that the media has instilled in you.

Watch the video why not go to Novi Pazar (video)

Although it is labeled as a “wild” city by stereotypes and in the media, believe me, it is not like that at all. I’m studying in Novi Sad and Belgrade, and I’ve seen all kinds of scary stories about the people of Novi Sad. 99% of them are absolutely incorrect.

There are various stereotypes that women do not leave their homes, that men have 3+ wives each, that Novi Pazar is a city of drug dealers and religious fanatics. From my experience compared to Novi Sad and Belgrade, Novi Pazar is a very peaceful city and most of the stereotypes are false. If you don’t believe me, ask someone who has already been to Novi Pazar. I have not yet met anyone who experienced inconvenience in Novi Pazar. We are blessed with exceptional hospitality, like all the people in Serbia and the Balkans.

On this channel you can see videos about some sights of Novi Pazar: (channel link)

Novi Pazar is the jewel of southwestern Serbia. Apart from being different from the rest in terms of Islamic culture, this city is adorned with churches and monasteries from the Nemanjić era. The complex of buildings of the old Ras is protected by UNESCO. THAT means that the Sopoćani monastery, the remains of the Gradine fortress, Peter’s church and St. George’s columns are of exceptional cultural and artistic importance for the whole world, not only for Serbia.

Nature is amazing. It is close to Golija, Pešterska Visoravan, Kopaonik, Rogozna, etc. From Pazar you can go to Zlatar and Zlatibor via Sjenica. The meanders of the Uvac river are also close by, about an hour’s drive away.


Novi Pazar is 266 km away from Belgrade, which is 4 hours of normal driving with a break. It is 5 hours from Novi Sad. It takes just over 2 hours to get there from Kragujevac.

Generally not much if you consider what you can visit on the way to Novi Pazar and what you will experience in Novi Pazar.

From Kraljevo to Pazar

The southwestern part of Serbia is a hilly area. You will notice it when you pass Kraljevo and exit Kraljevo valley.

You will study in what I call Mordor as an analogy to Mordor in The Lord of the Rings. A wall of mountains and hills will appear before you, a beautiful sight. Then you enter the winding part of the Ibarska highway. The first sign that you are approaching Novi Pazar.

Please be careful while driving.

I do not doubt you, but there are many people who are not as careful as you. The road is good but winding and there are no additional lanes. Have patience to overtake the truck.

In this part, be sure to visit the Maglič fortress. You will enjoy fresh air and a walk.
Maglič is a magnificent fortress 100 meters above the road. Believe me, the view is unbelievable. Around you as if in the palm of the hand of the most beautiful mountain in Serbia: Golija, Kopaonik and Rogozna in the distance. And the cars on the road are like colorful ants. You will feel like real knights who once defended this fortress.

When you come down, if you haven’t had lunch, treat yourself to fish in the Jerina grad restaurant, it tastes superb. In addition, the service is very friendly and the toilet is tidy.

After the rest, you continue towards Usce. This is where the river Studenica flows into the river Ibar.


Are you familiar with the name Studenica? That is the name of one of the oldest and most beautiful monasteries in Serbia. You must visit it and enjoy the unique Raška school of architecture that only appears in this part of the world. The fresco painting is breathtaking, especially now after the restorations. The Byzantine blue colour that appears in the monasteries in this part of Serbia was made from the mineral lapis lazulite. A kilo of this paint cost a kilo of gold, so ask yourself again whether you should visit Studenica and Novi Pazar.

After a spiritual and cultural meal, you continue towards Raška and Novi Pazar.

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I advise you to contact us for accommodation because we know the best places in town. Novi Pazar is a safe city, but there are neighborhoods that need to be bypassed, as in any city. In addition, it is difficult to find a parking space. And we can provide you with everything.

After the ride, go out to the “bazaar”. Go to Isabeg Isaković Square and head down 28 Novembar street, which is a walking street. In it you will find many cafes with good coffee.

If you want a beer or something stronger, google Cafe Haus, Art, City Pub, Jazzva. These are verified places. After coffee, walk to Bedem, the city fortress and the old bazaar.