Experience the wilderness of the Balkans

Serbia’s Grand Kenyon

When you see the meanders of the River Uvac you will think: “This is the place where Adam and Ever were cast from Heaven – another Heaven on the Earth”.

Balkan’s Tibet

The undervalued Pešter plateau in Serbia is an amazing hidden jewel of nature and culture on the Balkans and Eastern Europe. Meet the local shepherds. Cuddle cows, sheep and ride horses. Eat organic and fresh food.

Peaks of Wilderness

Put your hiking shoes on, take a deep breath and get ready for an incredible mountain of Golija and Rogozna. Unknown even to the city inhabitants, these mountains will give you an adventure of your life.

Balkan’s Alps

Have you heard about the Kopaonik mountain? It is the perfect place for skying and luxury adventure. The best hotels will provide you the experience of your life.

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