Malinade and Lemonade

The Most Famous Summer Refreshment 

Malinada is the first sign of spring. Just like violets, as soon as malinada hits the cafe menus, we know that nice weather is around the corner. Nothing has so much leverage to refresh a person as a perfect synergy of raspberry and lemon juice. Perhaps, you are asking yourself, what is the purpose of this combination? The answer is quite interesting, why not. Malinada has the freshest, sweetest, and sharpest taste at the same time. This drink is the symbol of the town. You can never imagine coffee without malinada during the summer months and you must not make this mistake. 

The Best Malinada Is from Old Hands and Served on Brass Tray 

Malinada has its own tradition and it is connected with a special feeling. Honesty speaking, the best one is made by old hand and served in long, plain glasses, and presented on an old-fashioned, flannel tablecloth. Old masters put in raspberry and lemon juice all together with a pinch of soul in their cocktail preparation. Not to forget plastic spoons so you can precisely dissolve sugar from the bottom because they do not have enough time for it. Do not avoid malinada from the old, coffee houses of Pazar. You need to know that coffee with a tray is different from a cup and malinada in a long, plain glass became a luxury just because of them. As you see, people from Pazar do not need much to be happy. A cup of coffee and a glass of malinada.