When you come to Novi Pazar, with a good Turk coffee, you must order a dud as well. When you go to Pljevlja, you must order hurmasica. Who would say you have ordered the same thing? But, you have. Dudovi or hurmasice, no matter what, is the honey cookies just as the dates they were called after. It is a traditional Ottoman dessert that is traditionally made of dough and sugary syrup, similar to halva, it is the dessert that was available to all the statuses. If there were no ingredients to prove this thesis, the taste of this dessert would deny us. In Novi Pazar, on the other hand, you can try the ones prepared in some other parts of Sandzak, and “suzani dud” is here to witness this. 

It Is Not a Dessert If There Are Not Walnuts in It 

Traditional Pazar methodology of dessert preparation includes walnuts in every old recipe. The local housewives would say “What kind of dessert is it if you cannot feel the taste of walnuts?” Neither dud resisted this dogma as it is considered a desert guarding your pride and portrays your cooking skills the best, and if you cover them in walnuts or put one in the middle, their value rises significantly. Every housewife and pastry chef uses this secret trick to improve their recipes. So, it does not mind if it is boiled or kneaded dud, you can always expect walnuts. 

Where You Can Eat Dud in Pazar? 

Since you will have a chance to eat duds in Pazae only, while in every other town of Sandzak, you would be served with hurmasice, some of the best you can find in the famous local pastry shops Solun, Stari Gradm, and Dezert. Hence, the ideal Pazar coffee hangout would consist of proper Turk coffee in some of the numerous coffee shops, long town walks through the Lucna building, and park, and back to the Stari Grad pastry shop for a dud and malinada. This is the place where tradition clashes with modernity.