Ours is the best!

Especially for Cevapi 

If you ask any tourist in Pazar what they gonna eat, if they do not eat mantije, they will eat cevapi. Cevapi, pite, mantije, and jeans are forever associated with Pazar. It is not a surprising fact that in Pazar you can find dozens cevap restaurants “cevabdzinica” and that each and every one of them are the brand on its own. Beko, Jonuz, Majo, Rile are just some of the well-known cevabdzinica owners who prepare their cevapi by using special recipes and secret ingredients making their taste different from the competition.

Bites, Bites 

Pazar’s cevapi are made solely in Novi Pazar and you will hardly find a similar taste somewhere else. Earlier, the cevapi were almost rectangle-shaped and uneven in size, similar to small bites, because they are handmade. With time, and with machines, cevap became longer and thinner. How much these cevaps are irresistible, there is an anecdote about a foreign reporter who, for a single night, ate 70 “bites” and ended up in ER. 

Cevap from Pazar or Cevap from Sarajevo 

Before the Yugoslavia breakup, there were cevapi from Sarajevo, Pljevlja, Novi Pazar, Banja Luka, and Leskovac. After the Yugoslavia breakup, cevapi broke up as well. However, even today, there is an overboard competition between cevapi from Novi Pazar and Sarajevo. The citizens of these towns are ready for serious discussions and arguments debates whose cevapi is better. Here you are, the real power of cevapi.