Here we will show you some suggestions how to spend time in the best way when you visit Novi Pazar. We give you options for one evening in Novi Pazar. The second option is a weekend in Novi Pazar.


One-night plan in Novi Pazar

Here, I will talk about how to make the most of one evening in Novi Pazar. Let’s say you are going to the Kopaonik or go to the sea in Montenegro and visit Novi Pazar for 1 night.

After arriving in Novi Pazar in the afternoon, stay and do not stay in the room. Novi Pazar is the liveliest in the evening, especially in summer. If you haven’t had dinner, go to one of the restaurants on the promenade: Med, Baška, Oh la la, Cosmopolitan. They are all great, and my favorites are Doha (first neighbors) and Fener. Take the opportunity to enjoy looking at people while having a meal. You will notice that there is a lot of youth.

Novi Pazar is the city with the highest percentage of youth in Europe in terms of population!

After dinner, take a walk around the city. Follow the crowd. The streets for the stroll or for the walk are 28. November (the day when Novi Pazar was liberated from Nazis in 1944.) and Stefan Nemanja Street.

Merak in the old bazaar!

Walk to the city park, located 5 minutes from the mentioned restaurants. After the fortress, visit the Altunalem mosque. It is the pearl of the old bazaar and is located 10 minutes from the fortress. The yard is free for visits until the last daily prayer at 10 pm. Ask someone who is there to enter the mosque. People are very friendly and hospitable.

After Altunalem mosque, return the center (when you leave the courtyard of the mosque, turn right). We are now taking you to a hidden and unique place. It is a cafe located in an old hammam (from the 15th century). Enjoy the atmosphere. Order a Turkish coffee and raspberries with lemonade.

Then head to the city center. I suggest you try some candies now. Famous pastry shops are Solun and Dezert.

After the candy return to the room.

If you are adventurous and if it is Wednesday or Saturday (days to go out), I recommend caffe Dori. Then gigs are held and there are a lot of people.