Hire a tourguide in Novi Pazar

If you have a group or come alone and you want to fully experience Novi Pazar and its surroundings – you are at the right place.

With us, you can hire a licensed tourist guide who speaks Bosnian-Serbian, English, German, Turkish or Arabic.

Our guides are trained to show you the entire history and culture of this climate.

Prices depend on the group, language and type of tour. A city tour in in English 40 euros. Tours of monasteries and churches are from 70 euros. Departure to Pešter and the Uvac about 100 euros.


Our tourguides

Jasmin Gicic
10 years iskustva

Srb-Bs, Eng

Ajsa Gicic
2 years iskustva


Armin Gicic
5 years iskustva

Srb- Bs, Eng, Deu

Hamza Halilovic
2 years iskustva

Srb-Bs, Arb

We are happy to boast that tourists who choose us are very satisfied and recommend us.


Novi Pazar is a city of youth, liveliness and warmth. We can always discover something new in this city of ours and its surroundings and be extremely happy about it.
A secluded and interesting physical-geographical location with a rich and unique cultural and historical heritage and its cordial, warm and hospitable hosts always welcomes you readily. Novi Pazar defies and entices with its existence and is a city to which we are always happy to return.

Jelena Šević Veselinović
Geography Professor

Whoever comes feels at home and is welcome everywhere! The city itself and its immediate surroundings are full of wonderful cultural and historical places for tourists, and walking in those places you feel as if you yourself are a witness of the past. When I was with the group in Novi Pazar, we had Armin as our guide. Extremely wonderful, polite and dedicated guy, keeps information in his little finger, communicative and pleasant!
Ps. Be sure to eat manti and visit the market️

Nastja Prodanić
Novi Sad

My first visit to Novi Pazar brought incredible delight both to the guide himself and to the wonderful city that has so many undiscovered and interesting things to show.
My advice when you decide to visit it, open all your senses, enjoy what is offered to you. And yes, I will definitely visit Novi Pazar again, there are more stories to be heard.

Bojana Krgović
Novi Sad

If you want to book a tour and a tour guide please write an email to eccodoo@gmail.com or on whatsapp +381649746676. We are happy to help you!