How to Arrive to Novi Pazar?

It is easy to arrive to Novi Pazar, do not worry!

Here you will find out how to reach Novi Pazar. Are you in Beograd, Niš, Sarajevo, Podgorica or Skoplje? Here you will see how to get to Novi Pazar from these places by bus.

Novi Pazar is extremely well connected to all major cities in Serbia and neighbouring countries

Buses are the major transportation channels on the Balkans.

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Bus timelines:


From Belgrade to Novi Pazar From Novi Pazar to Belgrade
13:05 Kimmel 00:15 Ozlem
15:30 Kimmel 1:30 Lotus
17:30 Benko Tours 3:30 Kimmel
20h Benko Tours 9h Benko tours
23h Ozlem

We don’t recommend booking tickets for buses online, just buy them at the station!


From Sarajevo to Novi Pazar from Novi Pazar to Sarajevo
15h Kimmel 10:15h Gameks
21h Gameks 14h Kimmel
22h Benko Tours 22h  

We recommend Kimmel.


From Skoplje to Novi Pazar from Novi Pazar to Skoplje
8h Ozlem 5:45 Kimmel/Aurora
15:30 Kimmel/Aurora 13h Ozlem

Bus drivers are not good in English.


From Pristina to Novi Pazar from Novi Pazar to Pristina
18:30 Benko Tours 6h Kimmel/Aurora
14:30 Kimmel/Aurora 9h Benko Tours

Buses are generally clean and comfortable.


From Nis to Novi Pazar from Novi Pazar to Nis
15:15h Gamex 7:30h Gamex


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