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Have you ever wondered where the name “ECCO” comes from? The basis of the name is the Italian word ECCO, which means “yes, we are here, look, right here” or more loosely translated, “you’re in the right place”.

Established in 1990, with millions of kilometers traveled by land, sea and air, with mutual satisfaction, without any incidents, complaints or disputes. Our motto that the customer is always right is fully and realistically accepted. High business standards, honest relationship with service users, and viewing tourism as a product of existential rather than luxury need are the guiding principles of our work.

Our agency employs highly educated tourism professionals, broadly educated, with knowledge of English and German language. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or because you have to, you are always welcome here. We are committed to being as successful as possible, staying up-to-date, and serving your wishes.

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Esat Gicić


Graduated Tourism Expert Bosnian, German and English language

Sead Gicić


20 years of experience Bosnian language

Jasmin Gicić

Sales and Tourguide

Graduated Philologist Bosnian and Serbian Language

Ali-Riza Hamzagić

Marketing Executive

Graduated Law Bosnian and English language

Armin Gicić

Marketing Manager and Tourguide

MA Communication English, German, Bosnian


We want to make Novi Pazar and Sandzak a recognizable part of Serbia and the Balkans by offering the highest quality, most professional, most honest service and building lasting trust.


Ecco Travel Agency will be the most modern agency and leader in Novi Pazar and Sandzak in the field of receptive tourism. In our agency, you will be able to organize accommodation, tours, and activities for Novi Pazar and Sandzak. ECCO agency will not be just a regular business partner, but a family-owned agency that cares about its clients.

Travel Safely and Securely

In addition to our family business tradition and reliable city agency image that provide you with security, we invite you to inquire about our business with friends and acquaintances who have traveled with us. We are confident that you will hear positive comments about us.

Experience and satisfied customers are our living insurance. To further instill confidence and trust in us, we are insured with YUTA travel insurance, which guarantees your safety in two areas:

  1. If the agency is unable to make the payment for your trip and fulfill it completely (company insolvency-bankruptcy).
  2. If the agency is unable to fulfill the travel program (content of the trip).

These provisions are listed in the general terms and conditions of travel, which are part of every travel plan and program (please always read it before purchasing a service). It lists the special circumstances under which the agency has the right to deviate from the program.

All in all, if you travel with us, be sure that:

  1. Your money will be refunded as soon as possible for unexecuted trips in the event of the agency’s insolvency and compensation for damages.
  2. You will be provided with free accommodation at the destination in case the travel agency has not provided or paid for the accommodation.
  3. You will be provided with free return from the destination.
  4. You will be provided with an alternative trip through agencies that have YUTA travel guarantee.

Have a look at the photos of our valuable clients:

Company Details:

Title: SRB: Preduzeće za turizam, trgovinu i usluge „ECCO“ D.O.O. (Skraćeno PTTU ECCO DOO)

English: Ltd Company for tourism, trade and services “Ecco” (Shortened: CTTS ECCO Ltd

Tourism licence: OTP 149/2020 od 22.02.2021

Director: Esat Gicić

Tel./Fax: 020/311-575, 020/334-850

Mob. 063/855-47-54, 069/322-86-21

Address: 28. Novembra 54
36300 Novi Pazar

Tax ID 100769049
ID 17284444

Banc account: 155-32299-16

Email address:

Internet Page: