Eat and Drink like Locals

Here you will find practical information what, where and how to eat and drink like locals.

Novi Pazar is famous for its traditional cuisines. You will find them only here so it is definitely worth trying them.

You won’t regret, nobody regrated!

What to Eat in Novi Pazar?

Here you will find out what to eat when you are in Novi Pazar. You will learn what are chevapi and mantije, how to eat them and where. Chevapi and mantije are always a part in local life. Here you will see where to eat them like the locals.

Chevapi and mantije are traditional and tastiest cuisines in Novi Pazar.

Chevapi (ćevapi, chevapcici, cevapcici)


Cevapi are something the best and tastiest you will try in your life. It is a version of Arabic-Turkish kebab but way much better. It is a traditional cuisine in Novi Pazar, in Serbia well known as novopazarski cevapi. They are the best in Serbia and Balkans. They are very famous and all tourists love them.

When you visit Novi Pazar, chevapi is a must!

Cevapi are made of ground beef and veal meat, paprika and onion. The are grilled on a barbecue and God, they are delicious.

Normal portion is five and a half (srb: pet I pola). It means five chevapi in a half of a bread. We eat them drinking yogurt. You can add mayo, ketchup, onions or paprika if you like

You can choose the level of doneness. Medium, well done or rare.

The best places to eat chevapi are:

My first choice is Beko. See the map. It is located in the centre of the city and they make excellent chevapi.

Šadrvan or Jonuz is a mainstream for tourists. See the map. It is located in the centre of the city. They are good always full of tourists. They are near the fountain.

Rile is the third and favourite place. See the map. They are located in the old town. I had a chance to eat them once and I can tell you they are just great!



Mantije is a special kind of food. It is unique in Serbia and in the world. The taste is just perfect! Novi Pazar is famous for mantije. Mantije are dough balls filled with beef meat (with spicies). They are baked in an oven in a huge metal dish.

No person, does not like mantije!

A normal portion of mantije is five mantije. Order yogurt with them. Normally, they are consumed with bare hands. You can order more mantije: one, two, ten, hundred.

Best places to eat mantije:

The best mantije are at the Jasko’s or Sve pod sač. See the map. They are traditionally made and taste as homemade.

The second best place to eat mantije is Big mantije. See on the map. It is on the opposite side of the city square. I used to eat them there when I was a child.

Drink yogurt while eating mantije.

What to Drink in Novi Pazar?


Here you will learn why Novi Pazar is the place with the best Turkish coffee in the world. You will learn how to drink it and what are the best places to do so in Novi Pazar

Black as night, hot as passion.

(Arabic proverb for coffee)

Novi Pazar is mostly populated by Muslims (more than 80%). Alcohol is prohibited by religion (but there are places to drink it). The prohibition and incredible taste put the coffee to the forefront of drinking habits.

There are three types of coffee servings: bitter, more bitter, sweet, sweeter.

Coffee in Novi Pazar is more than just a drink, it is deeply ingrained in our culture. It has an important place in every stage of local life. When a baby is born, friends and neighbours come for the sweet coffee. When we flirt with a girl, we ask her to go out for a coffee i.e. a date. When we purpose a girl, she cooks a bitter coffee for the future husband. After a funeral everyone visits the home of the dead and is asked for a coffee.

Bitter coffee is served without sugar. More bitter with one sugar cube.

The best places to drink coffee in Novi Pazar:

Coffeeshop Menta


It is located in the city centre. See the map. It has a perfect location. Observe people, the way they live and walk. Coffee is excellent here. Try lemonade as well. Menta is the place where they squeeze the whole natural lemon in one glass of lemonade. The prices are also excellent.

Sweet coffee is served with two sugar cubes. Sweeter is served with more cubes, as preferred.

Coffeeshop Lađar – Hamam

Lađar is located in the old city – above the hammam. See the map. It is interesting because of two things: Firstly, the coffeeshop looks like old, local and traditional coffeeshops. Secondly, the coffee is prepared in a traditional way on charcoal. If it is summer, you must go in the garden in the hammam to drink the coffee.


Coffeeshop Ikre


Ikre is a coffeeshop at the riverside of the Raška. See the map. It is a magnificent place to enjoy coffee.

P.S. You can only go there during summer.

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