Uvac- Meanders, and Cave 

“Molitva” at Uvac 


If you are visiting Sjenica, it would not be a major waste if you miss visiting widely known Uvac Meanders. There are four rivers going through this region, Jablanica, Vapa, Grbovica, and Uvac, and all of them are forming the Lake of Sjenica or Uvac Lake. The area surrounding the lake is the embodiment of the wild spirit and represents truthful adventure which will enable you to feel the real spirit of Pester. The viewpoint is 15km from town, and to reach the terrace you need to go on foot for twenty minutes. Before you start strolling towards the viewpoint you will be met by the quote “Once you reach the top, you will see the purpose” and the moment your sight meets the imposingness of the meanders you will understand the purpose of these words. The very terrace of “Molitva” is placed 110m over the lake, from where you will have phenomenal sight of the most famous meanders in Serbia. 

A Special Nature Reserve


Did you know that Uvac bears the title of the “special nature reserve”? There are many reasons for this title. First and foremost the title of the “special nature reserve” Uvac was given because of its rich flora and fauna. Some of the endemic pieces from both biodiversity worlds of this reserve can be found here in every moment, as it is, for instance, Eurasian Griffon Vulture. This kind of griffon is the most protected species in Uvac and is among 140 of the most diverse, rare species of birds which found their home right in this reserve.


Meanders and Ice Cave 


One of the attractions you can experience in this reserve is sailing on the lake which will lead you to the biggest complex of caves in Serbia. Based on the research, it is confirmed that the cave system is 6.150m long which gives a special charm to this reserve making it one of the most beautiful spots in Serbia. The most famous caves in the reserve are Usacka, Ice, and Tubica caves. The ornaments in the Ice Cave are formed in a form of drapes and are reaching a height of 10 meters. A local guide will tell you that for the formation of a centimeter of this ornament, it is needed more than a century, which witnesses the age and imposingness of this complex. 

How to go there?

If you have a car than just go there. If you need a tourguide contact us. If you do not have a car, you can contact us and we can organize it for you.