The Old Bazaar

The Trace of the Ottoman Period 

The Old Bazaar is a complex of buildings located in the 1. May Street or the previous Constantinople Pathway. This area includes many buildings starting with the Altun Alem Mosque and ending with the Arap Mosque. Within this complex, there are also trading and crafting shops with low ceilings covered in shingles, Isa-Beg Hammam, and a whole array of Bosnian houses. 

The First Hammam in Novi Pazar 

Isa-Beg Hammam was built by the establisher of Novi Pazar, Isa-Beg Ishakovich in the 15th century. This unique object belongs to the group of double hammams. which is separated into two parts with a massive wall making separated parts for men and women. Each of these parts, traditionally, consists of multiple rooms, where, the aristocracy spent their time enjoying the steaming sauna and in conversation with other people. Every one of these rooms is covered with domes. There are eleven domes in total. Isa Beg Hammam, today, is a monument of cultural significance. According to the latest discoveries at Novi Pazar’s territory, there were two hammams. The traces of the second hammam were found within the founding of the City Museum.

From the Jewelry Store to the Bakery 

The Old Bazaar consists of a huge number of crafts shops and trading shops. On the Street of The First May, there are shoe shops and bakeries, as well as traditional meat houses/ During Ramadan, there is a long queue in the street who are waiting for fresh bread (pitice). Near Hammam, there is a huge number of jewelry stores where people from all over Serbia come so they can find the most beautiful and the best pieces of jewelry.