Third Biggest Municipalilty in Serbia 

The town is located on the former path from Dubrovnik to Istanbul and is the place for horses resting on extended travel. Sjenica is located in the Pester basin and was mentioned, for the first time, in 1253. This town is very well-known for its moody weather, and even today, it is commonly cut out from everyday life by snow, due to the fact that this town is the one with the lowest temperatures in the entire of Serbia, all of the moody weather conditions are not a surprise. This town has a population of 16 000 and at its core, it is different from the other places for many different things, and the best explanation offers a perfect synergy of modernity and nature. In Sjenica, people’s free and persistent spirit is tamed by the severe winds of Pester and the wild beauty of this moody plateau. 

The Place Where Water Springs from the Hill!

Pester plateau and Sjenica are rich natural beauties that will leave you breathless. However, besides magical landscapes, you can also see a couple of locations that will provide you with a unique feeling. On your route towards Uvac gorge, you should not leave behind the Springs of Sjenica and the water mill. This water springs from the jill in a couple of separate streams until they conjoin and flow further. The water mill whose today’s owners bought it in 1823 maintained its original appearance. If you decide to take a walk on the nearby pastures, you will have a chance to see dozens of horses from the stable. 

The Place of Unity 

This part of Sancak is characterized by the unity of the two ethnic groups which live together in perfect peace and harmony for years. To this end, in Sjenica you will see the objects of both cultural ethnicities, on the one side Sultan Valide Mosque which dates back to the 19th century, and on the other side, you can see the Church of Saint Peter and Paul as well as the Kumanica Monastery. 

And now, a couple of fun facts about them. Sultan Valide Mosque is the foundation of Sultan Abdul Hamid II’s mother. This phenomenal building is the owner of the dome with a diameter of 15m and all of this without a single pillar. This building is unique because it is the witness of the golden era in the period when Sjenica was the capital of Sancak, in other words, the center of the Ottoman Government. It is an interesting fact that the Sultan Valide Mosque is the only royal mosque in Serbia. Another interesting location that should be on your list of places to visit in Sjenica is The House of Sjenica which will be turned into a museum soon.