Promenade of the Raska River 

Romantic Night Beside the River 


If you are a fan of the peaceful nights and sound of the river, then peaceful walks beside the Raska River will surely satisfy all of your senses. Walking with the sound of the river and a huge number of willows that dance on the light wind will provide you with some of the most beautiful moments. For a second you will have the impression that you are entirely excluded from the business of the town, although the city center is just a couple of minutes away. Even though it is pretty simple, this is a beautiful part of the town, and it is ideal for the night walk and for grabbing a coffee beside the river. 


Forget About Everything 


Rests are surely for this. to give yourself a single moment of rest. In Novi Pazar, there is no better way to forget the busy life than those you get to spend next to the river. This is an ideal place where you can walk on your own and clear your head or is accompanied by your partner to enjoy the talk and silence. There are a couple of spots with improvised benches, tables, and chairs. You can use them with your friends. During the summer season, the banks of Raska are brought back to life, since the river cafes are very popular places where you can grab some fresh air. When coming back from your walk, do not forget to stop by Bor Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in the town.