Balkanian Tibet 


This is one more special nature reserve. Pester valley is a special nature reserve with a complex of flora and fauna characteristic exclusively for this area, there, according to the legend, Saint Djordje killed the dragon, and it is the home of Old Slavic temples, while from Trojan entire Serbia can be seen. It is well-known fact that Pester plateau is the biggest and highest in the Balkans and one of the greatest plateaus in Europe. Back at the time, Pester valley was covered in a pine forest while today there is not a single tree remaining. Because of this reason this area is peat. This is the reason why we have a reason to believe that we are actually using soil from Pester for our home plants. 

Legendary Djordje 


The highest peak on Pester is the famous Trojan. According to the stories of rangers, it could be concluded that the very name of this peak is connected to numerous legends. One of them suggests that this peak was named after one of the Troyan kings, but, also, there is data that in the foothill, in the lake, a three-headed dragon used to live. This dragon would dive out once a year to take its hunt from the village. When it was the turn of the king’s daughter, the king called Djordje for help, or today, Saint Djordje. According to some stories, when Djordje stroke the stone to try it out, the water came out which symbolically was named Djurdjevica. This is, at the same time, the only spring in the Pester valley, it never freezes, even though it can go 30 degrees under zero. On the stones around the springs, human footprints can be seen as well as the four-horse prints. According to the legend, Saint Djordje cut off two heads of the dragon while the third is a mystery. There are numerous reasons why Djurdjevica needs to be on your list when visiting Pester. 

Treasure Hunt 


A couple of years ago, a British crew came to Pester for a visit, and one of their members, on his family blazon has the symbol of a dragons head, which, according to the family legend organized by Pester, suggests that Britain knights took the dragon to Great Britain. Troyan Hill is known for so many legends. Namely, at the top of the hill was the castle of the rich Troyan tzar, who, in order to protect his riches, buried all of his treasure in the tunnels under the hill. Due to this reason, this hill is still the goal of numerous enthusiasts and treasure hunters.