Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery

The Merger of the East and West in a Single Monastery 

Just as any other cultural monument in Novi Pazar, Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery is characterized by a whole sequence of features that keep it unique from the rest of Serbia. Djurdjevi Stupovi Monastery is located at the hill near Novi Pazar, within the Old Ras region. It is one of the kind pearls of medieval Serbia and one of the oldest Serbian monasteries from the King order monasteries built during the 13. century, given the fact that the second founder of the Monastery was King Dragutin, who, per his own wish was buried in the church within the Monastery complex, which was built while he was still alive.

Unique Architectural Establishment!

The very name Djurdjevi Stupovi is characterized by the unique fashion of the building and its extraordinary position, with the two towers known as “stupe”, by Saint Djordje Church which was built under the influence of the two streams- Byzantine architecture on the East, and Roman architecture on the West. The next architectural feature of the monastery is an irregularly built altar. All of these features contributed to the creation of a new stream in architecture in Medieval Serbia; the school was better known as Raska architectural school. Out of 830 years of its existence, it was ruined for 300 years and reconstructed for 40 years. Today, the monastery is partially reconstructed and there are four monks living. 

Sign of Times and Magnificent Freskos 

The monastery was frescoed with magnificent frescos and compositions which are a good deal destroyed. Partially preserved compositions are Gospel Luke, Prophet Danilo, Scenes from Saint Georgie’s life, as well as some portraits of the founders. Part of preserved frescos are taken to the National Museum in Belgrade, and the only remaining picture of the old frescoes from the monastery was taken between the two World Wars. Today, this diamond of the Serbian culture is part of UNESCO’s list of cultural heritage and is a protected cultural monument. 

Did You Know? 

Djurdjevi Stupovi is part of the List of the World’s Heritage Sites! World People’s Organization announced this monastery as a cultural good for the entire world. The UNESCO list includes Peter’s Church, Monastery Sopocani, and Gradina Fortress as well.


How to get to the monastery?

It is located at a 15-minute drive, and more than 60 minutes on foot from the city center (see the location here). Unfortunately, there is no public transport that goes there. The church is still active. A curator or a priest is usually there on weekdays and weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The entrance is 2 euros for foreigners.