Crna Reka Monastery 

The Monastery Mested in the Woods 


Just a couple of kilometers from the highway, in the atar of the Ribarice village, nested into the woods, you can find the Crna Reka Monastery. The history of the Monastery remains unknown nor there are written documents that witness its building as well as who founded the Monastery. But, neither building would be interesting, regardless of how huge it is, if there are no stories bound to their existence. Namely, the stories connected to this building are solely connected to the time when this Monastery was founded- so, some people predict that the Monastery was founded in the 13th century, while others suggest it was the 14th century, immediately after the Battle of Kosovo. 

Monastery Is the Home of the Saint 


The history of the Monastery notes that the founder of the first brotherhood was Saint Joanikije Devicki. Namely, this Saint his mission did and finished in the woods of Drenica, which is today part of Kosovo and Metohija. The history of the Monastery notes that this Saint died in 1430. 

Did You Know That in This Monastery Was Located a Copying School?


There are some historical data witnessing that there was copying activity and the school served as the place for the education of young priests and monks. Besides, there was a boarding school for Serbian kids from the Ibar Region.