City Pedestrian Zone

No, It Is Not Bascarsija!

Fountain of Novi Pazar. Although this ornament beautifies the promenade for just a decade, it is located at the very top of the walking area and it is one of the focal symbols of Novi Pazar. If you dive a bit deeper into the history, you would be surprised by the fact that Sancak, once, was a proud owner of hundreds of fountains, but, the majority of them were ruined during the wars in the Balkans. The most famous and oldest one is located in Sarajevo. The fountain of Sarajevo was built in 1891. The Fountain of Novi Pazar was built in 2010 and is the gift of the town of Sarajevo to Novi Pazar. Sarajevo gifted fountains all over the Sancak, and it is interesting to point out that one fountain decorates Skadarlija in Belgrade. 

You Are Going On the Wrong Side of the Promenade!

Just as any other town in the Ex-Yugoslavia, Novi Pazar had its own promenade (korzo). With the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, part of the culture died as well so was the korzo, except for Novi Pazar. Promenade in Novi Pazar or Korzo of Novi Pazar is still the sign of the times and is the culture practiced and passed from generation to generation, just as tradition is. Back at the time, korzo was a chance for you to meet your soulmate or to pass a couple of shy glances, and it seems that this custom still lives. Sometimes, if you miss the right side of the korzo (imagine the street with two lanes), you risk bumping into people until you are back on the track. Korzo is the culture of the city promenade. 


What Is the Best Place to Have a Coffee?

Besides famous seeds houses (nearby Fountain) nested into ancient stores covered in shingles where you can find unique snacks, on the promenade, in Novi Pazar, there is a huge number of restaurants and cafes where you can have a coffee, and the spectrum is pretty wide. Near the Fountain, there are a couple of traditional cafes where you can drink old-fashioned tea, coffee, or juice, talk to locals or play chess. In the restaurants such as Oh La La, Doha, or Med, you can have a taste of some local specialties. If you are into student spirit, Novi Pazar is the university town, then a coffee in the cafes on Zitni Square will give you a chance to feel this atmosphere.