City Park and Fortress

The lungs of the town are located behind the walls of the town of Fortress. City Park is entirely surrounded by walls and for years it was one of the favorite places of the citizens where they can grab some fresh air and spend good quality time with their mates. Inside the City Park, you can notice dozens of monuments that date back to the 17th century. Among them, you can find The City Tower, known as Kula Motrilja, and the remains of old walls and ditches. On the south side of the walls, you can see an old “bezistan” (the original convenience store), which is conserved and repurposed into the restaurant today. Inside the complex, you can also see the city library “Dositej Obradovic” and Sinan-beg Mosque. 

Student Park, Festival Host, and Favourite Place of Retired 

With the warmer season approaching, the City Park transformed into a student park. Students from the nearby elementary and high schools, as well as the university, meet together so that they can study and spend their pauses out. It is not unusual to hear them revising the lessons, and studying, but you can also hear the sound of guitar and songs of the ones who came to the park to spend their afternoon in this breath of nature in the middle of the town. Besides students, in City Park, you will come across retired people who spend their time there talking as well as believers who spend their time in the harem of Sinan-beg’s Mosque. During Friday prayer, a huge number of believers come there and pray in front of the mosque which is one of the most beautiful symbols of the Islamic spirit in Novi Pazar. 

Host of the Festivals 


City Park is often a host of the festivals and public events like awards ceremonies and performances organized by schools. So, do not be surprised if you see preschoolers marching through the park dressed in costumes celebrating spring or in costumes welcoming autumn with hats of yellow leaves. “Old Town” Festival and concerts of popular artists are usually organized in the northern part of the Fortress which is repurposed into an open stage. 


Look at the video we made in the park here.