Want a change in your life? We know that you are not one of those who settle for small things so we offer FLYING!

We offer PARAGLIDING tandem flying. This means that you will soar into the skies above 2000m with an experienced flyer. Sit comfortably in the tandem seat, where you will be securely attached to your pilot-instructor, and off we go!

Maybe you don’t like looking down on people, but you’ll definitely look up to this experience. We drove dozens of tourists, high, petite and most importantly brave people. No one said they didn’t want to try again.

We pick you up by car and drive you to the best airstrip nearby. We prepare the equipment, check the wind and tie up and take off. Depending on the weather conditions, we can reach up to 3000m. The flight lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. We also allow you to record and take pictures during the whole adventure. After the flight, we descend, pack up and return to the city. The whole activity lasts about 5 hours.

This will surely be one of the most exciting adventures of your life.



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