Old Cultural Habit -Drinking coffee


Hey, see you for coffee!
Definitely, the most common sentence you will hear among Pazar people. People in Pazar like to drink coffee, and who can blame them for that, when you will drink the best Turkish coffee in Pazar with a side of ratluk. Everything is fine. If you have planned to spend an active vacation in Novi Pazar, then it is necessary to leave at least one day for actively drinking coffee. It may sound comical, but it is the best way to get to know the people of Pazar and their way of life, see how they treat other people, and even for a second peek into their everyday life. The people of Pazarci and Pazarka have a special culture of drinking coffee, so much so that even life-important decisions are made with these coffees.

How to choose a cafe in Pazar?
If you were to ask Pazarac to recommend a cafe, everyone would recommend their favorite, which would reduce to just a few places, which is not your goal. In Pazar there are places for everyone’s sensibility and each of these places has a special “vibe”. Here are some examples. If you want to enjoy the view of the bazaar, from a height, then we suggest Etage or Gana, which are located right in the center. If you want to be a part of the Pazar story, then tea in the cafes near Sebilj will provide you with a real Pazar atmosphere.

For a touch of free spirit and live art, we recommend Klub Heroja or Jazzva. If you are a lover of pubs, and we have that in Pazar, then head towards Art or Pab. An urban and student atmosphere will welcome you at Žitno trg, where they will be happy to host you in Hab and Nomad. We must not forget those cafes along the river, where under the light of lanterns and in the shade of willows you must try a cold malinada at least once (look here). In case you want a bite of local cuisine along with your coffee, then restaurants like Dunja, Oh La La, Doha will offer you that possibility as well.

Is drinking coffee a special activity?
If we are talking about Pazar, then it definitely is. A walk along the river Raska and immediate coffee in Ikre cafe sounds like an ideal plan for a date. In addition to the relaxed atmosphere, you also have a unique opportunity to spend at least one day like a real Pazarac.

Traditional Roasted coffee

While in Novi Pazar, you must try traditional Turkish roasted coffee. It is traditionally prepared in the Lađar cafe in the old town, above Hammam. Traditionally, coffee is not sugared. Sugar cubes are placed next to the cup. You will notice that people from Novopazar do not put sugar cubes in their coffee. They already moisten the cube with coffee a little, insert it and keep it under the tongue in the mouth and thicken the coffee. You can try it too!



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