Nature Hike – Pester Plateau


Siberia in winter, Tibet in summer!
Although the largest plateau in the Balkans, the area of Pešter has not yet been fully explored. Its mysteriousness is hidden behind its name, which means cave. According to legend, there was a lake in this area and it was there that St. George killed the dragon. All these are just small details that make Pešter unique and ideal for adventure. The riches of Pešter are so great that it would be practically impossible to create just one route that could show the inexhaustible resources of this area. This plateau is so capricious that it is like Siberia in winter and Serbian Tibet in summer. What they all have in common is untouched nature and legends that encourage people to go where no one has gone.

Towards Bijele Voda or Sopoćani
The Pešter Plateau is so large that it can be approached from several sides. But let’s head towards Bijele Vode. In the vicinity of Bijele Vode itself, you will notice a wonderful picnic spot along the river. If you’re lucky, you may come across wild horses during your walk. You can reach this picnic spot by car or bicycle. Let’s move on. On the way to Duga Poljana, you will see only one part of the wilderness that awaits you. In Duga Poljana, eat the best roast in the Balkans. After Duga Poljana, a large number of villages with vast expanses intersected by rivers descend. Another detail that sets Pešter apart from others is the number of Ponornica rivers. One of them is the Brnjička River. It’s true that this place looks like it’s not from this planet. A space criss-crossed by waterfalls and captured by the surrounding forest. An ideal place for the recovery of the soul.

On a treasure hunt
If you ask for adventure, you will get adventure. It is well known that the highest peak of Pešter is Troyan. Many legends are associated with this place, and one of them is certainly the treasure that the Trojan emperor buried in the hill. On your journey towards Troyan, you will have the opportunity to see the old water mill, the Sjenicka spring and landscapes that will surely take your breath away.

If you’re sick of reading, you can watch an interesting video about Pešter here.



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