Novi Pazar has everything you need
Although a small town, Novi Pazar has all the facilities that can contribute to the quality of life. One of those contents is definitely massage. It is unlikely to expect professional physiotherapists in small towns. However, this is not the case with Novi Pazar, which educates its staff in this area. There is a university program in Novi Pazar where young experts gain their knowledge and experience, so be sure that if you choose this activity, you will receive the best service from professionals. After a vacation, we usually come home tired, but from Novi Pazar you will surely return home refreshed.

Massage, chiropractic, hijama…
Each of these procedures are intended to make your body healthier. In Novi Pazar, there are a large number of experts who specialize in the field of alternative medicine, to which Hijama also belongs. This justifies the fact that before the actual hijama procedure, a body massage is practiced so that the toxins from the body are not raised to the level of the skin. Massage works in the same way, which not only relaxes the muscles and the whole body, but also promotes the elimination of toxins from the body. It is possible that during your stay in Novi Pazar you will relax a little with food and enjoy the local specialties. Therefore, a massage by one of the professional masseurs and physiotherapists, hijama, which will eliminate all bad blood from the body, and chiropractic procedures that will help you regain balance, will rebirth your body and give a new dimension to the word rest.

If you want to try

If you want to try please contact us. We will recomend best available massage studios. Of course, they are licenced and professional, we tried it ourselves.



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