Horse Riding


El Dorado
Novi Pazar is full of content and never boring. A real surprise awaits you just a few kilometers from the city center, where the first and only riding club in Novi Pazar is located. It is interesting to mention that this riding club was founded by a sixteen-year-old girl with the desire to devote herself to her greatest love – horses, and thus make many others happy. You can find out more about her at this link.

Field riding
Novi Pazar is not only the inner city center and be sure that the surroundings can offer an unforgettable time. One of the activities that will help you get rid of stress, enjoy the fresh air, spend time in nature while getting to know the surroundings as well as off-road riding is the ideal activity. Horses will guide you through wooded areas that are equally mysterious in winter and summer. Through off-road riding, you will be able to experience an unforgettable adventure enjoying the company of the tamest horses.

Give yourself a break
Horses are known as noble and graceful animals, perhaps the most noble species among animals. By spending time with horses, you get rid of the stress and tension of everyday life. Each of the horses in this equestrian club has a tame nature and is incredibly gentle. Sometimes you have the impression that they sympathize with you and understand you. Therefore, giving yourself a short break with horses and riding will surely help you recharge your batteries.



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