Hijama (Cupping Therapy)


Blood Drain 

If you ever asked yourself what is hijama – just that, blood drain. Namely, hijama is the activity that is sorted within the domain of minor surgery and includes the drain of bad blood from the body. It is similar to complete body detoxication. You should not avoid this activity when in Pazar, mainly because of the numerous positive effects on your health. Hijama is done in strictly controlled conditions. With the help of cups which draw out bad blood by use of a vacuum to the surface and after that shallow cuts are made so that the blood can be freed on the skin’s surface. It may sound scary, but hijama is a painless and fast procedure. 


The fact that hijama, in Novi Pazar, is done by phenomenal professionals who will lead you through the procedure without stress and fear. To this end, it is important to point out that before the process, you undergo a massage that will help your body to relax before you move on. In case you are still foggy on the benefits of hijama to your body and why you should not avoid this procedure when in Novi Pazar, it is enough to say that this procedure targets the regulatory system which is responsible for keeping homeostasis in the body, in fact, the state of complete balance. In regards to this, we will mention just one of many lab tests which analyzed the consistency of the clean blood and the one drained by hijama. Namely, the samples show that almost the entire mass contains biowaste made with metabolic processes influenced by constant stress.



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