Cycling around Pešter plateau


You can walk, and you can also ride a bicycle
When you mention Pešter, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the vast plain and the multitude of rivers that cross it. This is true, but it should not be exclusive. Pešter is much more whimsical than you can tell from the first sight, which makes it an ideal destination for the insatiable cycling spirit. Namely, you can explore Pešter on a bicycle, from several sides, and visiting an unlimited number of places. Only one of the cycling tours is almost 40 km long, while on that way you have the opportunity to visit the mountain Jadovnik, the spring of Uvac and the waterfalls of Sopotica, which are considered a kind of miracle of nature.

Drive to the locality of which the people of Pešter are proud
The Pešter plateau is exactly what cyclists need – demanding. On the other hand, every second of effort will pay off. Velika Gradina and the village of Ugao are definitely on the list of places. Velika Gradina is a place of special importance for the Peštersa plateau because it was a bastion of defense against enemies, while the village of Ugao is home to one of the oldest mosques that had a special importance for the Islamic world. For fans of long cycling tours, depending on physical capabilities, it would also be interesting to visit Sjenica Lake, the Gitavica and Paljevina nature parks, and even Uvac.



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