Shooting in the Woods


Worry not, it is not about hunting, no one is hurt. Airsoft is a special sport discipline that includes replicas of military weapons and military uniforms. The main goal is to neutralize the opponent team moving through the woods, just as in the actual war. Novi Pazar is the town of innovations, so this activity exists solely in Novi Pazar when it comes to this part of Serbia. Namely, the airsoft club “Bedem‘ is the only club in Novi Pazar and its surroundings and is the ideal way for you to spend your afternoon doing something interesting and new. Perhaps, it sounds weird, but shooting from fake weapons and shooting your opponents, can help you eliminate pent-up negative energy. 

Airsoft Is the Proof that Women Shoot Better Than Men 

It is a very well-known fact that women are very good at archery, and hangout with people from Bedem will prove the thesis. Women often go for wood shooting and go with men hand in hand in fighting spirit and skillfulness with weapons. As for the airsoft you do not need much except team and team spirit, the rest, as it is equipment and weapon will get everything on the spot. 

You need to keep in mind that in this sport you must not underestimate women!



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