A Hike on the Golia mountain


The mountain is larger than Kopaonik!
Golija is one of the biggest mountains in Serbia. Because of its “huge” size, it got the name Golija. Only the neighboring Kopaonik can rival it in terms of biodiversity. Although still quite a wild mountain, Golija is full of amazing natural elements that will surely leave you breathless. We will give you one small detail to prove this. Namely, we can freely say that Golija has the “Mountain eyes” of Serbia. If you are wondering why. The answer is quite simple. Golija is home to the largest number of lakes, rainforests, lakes and waterfalls that you can discover on Golija and will satisfy even the bravest adventurer.

Mountain climbing
On the list of 10 things for which you should visit Golija is definitely hiking. Although it is still a wild and untamed mountain, what Golija can offer is much more than beautifully maintained hiking trails. Golija is special because of its unbridled nature and luxuriant flora and fauna, but also because of the demanding terrain. Therefore, if you decide to go hiking, it is necessary to bring your best hiking equipment because the terrain can be demanding and tiring at times.

Active vacation
Novi Pazar is a large municipality that has not only a rich history and cuisine, but also natural beauty and activities that will allow you to spend your vacation actively. Golia, regardless of the season, offers a wide range of possibilities. Walking in Golija, along well-maintained paths, will lead you to the lake and you can certainly experience many beautiful things. During the summer season, when the temperatures are pleasant, you can see the blueberry fields and enjoy them. Blueberries are one of the trademarks of this mountain. On the other hand, during the winter in Golija you can enjoy skiing and Nordic hiking.



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