Well located


You can book private or hotel accommodation here.

Private accommodation

We strongly advise you to book private apartments. The best option is Ecco Apartments. It is well located. The host is friendly. He owns a travel agency with the biggest tradition in the city. He will give you the best price and advice. Some discounts are possible for guided tours his travel agency offers.

You might not have the meals. Who needs another continental bland and boring European breakfast? You certainly want to try something new! You will have the chance to explore traditional cuisines (see more here). They are really delicious and the prices are really low. The apartment is close to all of them. Anyway, private apartments especially Ecco apartments are the best option.

Contact us for more options and prices.

Hotel accommodation

At this site you can book an accommodation in hotel rooms. We offer wide variety of hotel accommodation. We advise you to stay at Vrbak or Tadz hotel.